History of the Temulac Boat Club


Temulac Boat Club applied for and was issued a state of Illinois certification on September, 11th 1952.

The four incorporators were George White, (afterwards 1st commodore of Temulac), Shirlee Miles, Fred Bethman and William Harker.

The 1st boards of directors, 4 in number, were Warren Jennings, Fred Bethman, George Moch and John Hetv.

The first meeting place and initial registered office of the club was the home of Shirlee Miles, 14507 Schools Street Riverdale, Illinois. Shorty after they obtained the use of a building owned by Earl (Skipper) Strombeck. This building was located east of Dolton Basin on the south bank of the river. Unable to obtain a right of way from the railroad, Earl and his friends floated the building down the river on a raft to its present location at Blue Skippers yacht Club, where it is still part of the existing building. The club remained here for several years under the direction of Earl and Rose Stromberg.

During this time many events were initiated which are still carried on, Boat Show Cruise, Lake and river cruises, Halloween and New Years Party’s, and talks and films on boating safety.

The club remained here until February, of 1967 when a disagreement between the club and property owners caused the club to vacate the premises. The next few meetings were held at Croissants, Four Winds and other neighboring clubs. Eventually through the generosity of Frank Hinger the club found permanent quarters at Triplex Marina Riverdale, Illinois,

In 1961 Temulac affiliated with the Illinois Federation of Sportsmen Clubs and The National Wildlife Federation and have participated in their various activities since.

Since 1952 Temulac Boat Club has sponsored open houses every year, fishing contests, parties for all occasions much enjoyment, fellowship and knowledge of things nautical has been derived from membership in Temulac and the club looks forward, when hopefully it can continue and expand and bring the purposes for which it was founded

In 2003 under than commodore Rich Stanley we started Light Up The River. This is the south side version of Chicago’s Venetian Night. The big deferent’s is everybody is welcome to decorate their boats. We start in Blue Island by the water fall and continue up river to the O’Brian locks and end up at Temulac’s home port Waterfront Pup, where we have a party and announce the winners and give out the prizes and trophies.

The cub has seen 4 owners and a name change from Triplex to Riverdale Marine. The club had remained at M.M 320 on the cal-sag channel until a falling out with the new owners in 2006 when we move to Waterfront Pup M.M...325.5

On October 16th 2009 Temulac Members voted to move the club to M&M Windjamer 13701 Hoxie. Chicago, Illinois.

Past Commodores

Mark Bodous

Rich Stanley

Keven Davis

Rich Stanley